Mini Kids

Modeled after Jiu Jitsu kids, this class is for 3-4 year old students.  Games are played to build Jiu Jitsu readiness and Jiu Jitsu positions are taught.  

Jiu Jitsu Jr. Kids and Kids

This program is for boys and girls ages 5-7 and 8-12 years old. The Jiu Jitsu Kids class develops and enhances body awareness and coordination, boosts confidence and teaches discipline, focus, and respect as well as self defense. In each class the kids practice techniques, drill for skill and roll live.

Mixed Martial Arts

A class consisting of boxing, kickboxing, and grappling.  Cardio conditioning is included in this class.  Live sparring optional.

Open Mat

A non-instructional class where students can choose to drill the techniques or participate in live timed rolls.


A more Advanced class.  NoGi is a clinch/ground fighting style that focuses on leverage, momentum, balance, weight transmission, and pressure.  Shorts and a rash guard are required.

Advanced Fundamentals

For those that have mastered foundational skills of body awareness, body mechanics and self-defense.  It is important for the advanced student to have a strong offensive and defensive game.  Focus is on expanding the Jiu Jitsu repertoire and putting together a more technical flow.  Gi required.


Essential for beginners as well as those focused on perfecting their game.  Focus is on theory, principals, basic techniques, body mechanics, and self defense.  Gi required.

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