David Bendel

At first was very hesitant to take part a class, however, talking with Instructor Jamie, he made me feel comfortable and put my nerves at ease, took a class and signed up immediately. The skill and professionalism in which Jamie teaches is top notch. I highly recommend Esoteric Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Beth Beardsley

Bringing my boys to train here was the best decision my husband and I made for them. Jamie and Angela are extremely knowledgeable coaches and amazing people!

Kyle Decker

Great place to train, great atmosphere, people, coaching, everything you could ask for, do yourself a favor come try it out.

Mini Kids

Modeled after Jiu Jitsu kids, this class is for 3-4 year old students.  Games are played to build Jiu Jitsu readiness and Jiu Jitsu positions are taught.  

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